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Children of Gaia
Name: Enfants de Gaia
Plural: Enfants de Gaia
Totem: Licorne
Faction: Nation Garou

The Children of Gaia are one of the Tribes found in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The peacekeepers of the Garou, the Children work for understanding between the tribes and hope to eventually form all tribes into a unified front against the Wyrm.

History Modifier

The legend of the tribe's creation tells that during an era of bloodshed among the tribes of the Garou, Gaia herself resurrected innocent cubs from each tribe, slain by their foolishness. She placed those cubs secure between the roots of the Worldtree, where they were protected and grew up.

Early History Modifier

Dark Ages Modifier

Victorian Age Modifier

Modern Nights Modifier

The Children of Gaia are the tribe that is keeping the status quo; while many other tribes are noticably shrinking in population, the Children seem to be holding their numbers steady.

Organization Modifier

Camps Modifier

Tribal Culture Modifier

The Children of Gaia are often used as mediators in disputes between packs, septs, or tribes.

Political Culture Modifier

Pack and septs of the Children are often loosely organized, and although they have a distinct hierarchy of members, they tend not to hold to ranks as strictly as other tribes.

The Children of Gaia sept is believed to be lead by two leaders. The female 'Voice of Gaia' and the male 'Arm of Gaia'. Besides that their septs have the usual offices. There are no regular global moots or over-regional leaders known.

As part of their peace-loving nature, the Children of Gaia frequently work with and through human environmental organizations. They are the Garou that tend to work with the govenments of humans, pushing through pro-environment laws and regulations as often as they can.

Religious Culture Modifier

Version Differences Modifier

Some views of the Children of Gaia changed slightly between the 1st Editon Tribebook and the Revised Edition Tribebook.

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